Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full meaning of SIBC??

Social Innovators Boot Camp

What is the SIBC Fellowship about?

The fellowship is for social impact organizations, social enterprises, business owners who desire to understand how to play in the development sector, and young professionals (18 – 45 years old) from Nigeria and Africa who want to deep dive and understand the rubrics of building a sustainable social impact organization.

Participants are selected from diverse sectors in development from different states in Nigeria and Africa addressing any global issue. It is committed to empowering participants through an immersive learning experience to build for long term impact.

It is designed to foster more collaborations, co-creation, and solutions while learning from sector experts, peers, and leading development organizations. 

I am not Nigerian, can I still apply for the boot camp fellowship?

Yes, the boot camp fellowship is open and accepts applications from Africans around the world.

How will the SIBC Fellowship help me grow personally and professionally?

Participants undergo intensive training from well-experienced expertise for twelve weeks. During this period, they are well nurtured and hand-guided

Can I re-apply for SIBC, if not selected the first time?

Yes, you can. You can apply to the Fellowship as many times as you want, as long as you still meet the basic eligibility requirements.

What are the benefits of the boot camp fellowship?

The boot camp fellowship is a robust program that connects you, creates a platform of opportunities, and equipped you with the right skill to make sustainable impacts in the society.

Is there a pitch competition for the fund after the twelve weeks training?

Yes, participants who complete the twelve weeks ( phase one), will automatically be entitled to compete for the pitch competition to get funded.

Can I review my application after I submit it?

No. You will not be allowed to revise your application after submitting it. Ensure that you review your information carefully as required before submitting the form.

Will certificates be given after the boot camp fellowship?


What is the age eligibility to apply for the fellowship:

Applicants must be 18 – 45 years. Younger applicants are welcome if they have a strong application

I'm an African, my first language is not English. Do I need to speak fluent English to participate in this fellowship?

Fellows must have a proficient understanding of English to participate in the Fellowship. Fellows receive trainings conducted in English. Therefore, proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English is essential to the successful completion of the program.

How can I be a successful applicant for the fellowship?

Successful applicants use real stories, and examples to describe their success. When answering application questions, be specific, and provide details! It is also important to clearly state the impact of your work, as well as your plans for after the Fellowship.

Do I have to own or run my foundation or NGO to be selected for this fellowship?

To be selected, you must either be a founder of an organization or hold an executive position within an organization.

I submitted my application — now what?

Now you wait! A notification email will be sent to successful applicants.

Why do we have to pay for this?

Your payment is a one off fee to cover the efforts put into reviewing hundreds of applications received. There are also scholarships available and you can apply for one if interested