About the Social Innovators Bootcamp

Donors For Africa Social Innovators Bootcamp is designed to empower "Social Impact Leaders" who will continue to build, advocate, and advance sustainable development on the African continent! We strongly believe that building sustainable organizations that are solving real problems and creating long term solutions for Africans by Africans is the key to global challenges faced on the continent. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to gain clarity, develop technical skills, expand their vision, pursue connections, access funding, network with industry peers, foster new relationships, and break down barriers that have limited our growth and impact in the development sector

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Winner 2019 SIBC Pitch Competition

'' Winning this pitch competition has been a life-changing and paradigm-shifting experience as I am now better equipped to achieve our vision for Peniel Foundation. We were challenged to scale up the impact of our work and received technical expertise and training from leading development experts across Africa. Thank you, DFA''

Aisha Dirisu, Founder, Peniel Foundation

Why The Bootcamp

90% of indigenous African social innovators and nonprofits at the grassroots die between the first 3 years of inception due to lack of access to funding and technical support to help launch, support or scale up their innovative solutions

There is still a huge skills gap that hinders development practitioners and, ultimately, the key players working on the SDGs to reach their targets and get the required support they need to scale up indigenous impact. To accelerate the #2030 agenda there MUST be a massive human capital investment in the key drivers of change.

Our Approach

Research shows that guided learning is the most effective way to acquire a new skill and that is what our social innovators boot camp offers. The chance to acquire a new skill set to accelerate the SDG goals, build sustainable organizations equipped to solve Africa's greatest challenges.

Who is this For?

Nonprofit Leaders.
Social impact organizations.
Business owners who desire to understand how to further accelerate the global goals through their businesses
play in the development sector.
Development professionals (18 – 45 years old) who want to deep dive and understand the rubrics of building a sustainable social impact organization.
Participants are selected from diverse sectors in development 

Program Timeline

Call For Application Opens


Launch Announcement

Application Closes

November 1st 

Selection and Announcement of  Winners

12 Weeks of Intensive Learning

January -April 2022

Virtual capacity Building workshops and meetings led by sector experts, peers and leading development organizations

SIBC Pitch Competition 3.0

Top Finalist Apply - May 2022 

Winner is Announced

Receives cash grant to launch project and lots of visibility 


''It has been an eye-opening and truly a strong learning experience. I was confused about how to proceed with my non-profit but now I have figured out branding and even how to reach the right audience''.

'' We used to be non-tax compliant, now we are detailed practitioners. That class changed the way our organization handles everything. All, the  facilitators were top notch, they drop it where the pin hurts and provided the needed solution.''

What Will I Learn?

When you participate in our program, you will walk away with :

- Be named a fellow.
- Gain clarity and a concise and compelling 'story' about your organization – its mission, vision and strategy, strengths, challenges, impact, and future
- Understand financial management and how to mobilize resources for your cause
- People management
 - A stronger and distinctive voice to confidently lead within your organization and so much more

The content of our courses has been impactful and we have supported many organizations in Africa to implement similar models and they continue to record amazing success.

This 3 months program was designed with you in mind. It focuses on you and your organization. This is rare!

Very few programs are designed with the realities of running an organization in Africa. 

We have experienced and put together a very detailed program that reflects and prepares you for this reality.


Some of the benefits includes;

In depth Training

on challenges  and strategies required to run a thriving organization. 


Capacity Building


Professional Support 

Join an Exclusive Network and Receive Post Fellowship Support 

Funding Opportunity


- Exceptional, experienced, and diverse faculty are drawn from an expansive network of nonprofit leaders and development activist
- We deliver a sophisticated curriculum that provides a practical, in-depth foundation in nonprofit management and leadership
- The lessons you learn can be directly applied to the  realities of the workplace

Our Faculty

Other Benefits

• Build professional credibility with this one of a kind, immersive experience
• Life Skilling – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
• Exposure to invaluable professional networks and alumni network opportunities
• A global family for life!


 In order to be considered for this fellowship, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
• Be the founder or hold an executive position within an organization
• Be available to commit to all sessions • Applicants must be 18 – 45 years
 Younger applicants are welcome if they have a strong application
• Ability to attend the launch and graduation event

• Applicant and social enterprise organization who are interested and ready to scale up their organization's impact 
• Must be creating positive, direct, and intended impact aligned to one or more of the SDG’s or AU Agenda 2063 / have a strong desire to
• Make full payment of $45 fee if accepted. Scholarships may be available.

This Program is For You

- If you are passionate about Africa and the SDGs
- Work in nonprofits of all sizes and sectors, as well as public sector leaders
- If you supervise staff and/or complex, multi-stakeholder activities
- Seek to develop, hone, and apply management and leadership skills
- If you are committed to your learning and learning with others' in an inclusive environment
- If you are leading change and you are willing to put in the work
- If you are looking to grow your network and commit to this experience
- If you are ready to improve your skills and make a notable difference in the lives of your demography
- If you want to develop and diversify your leadership pipeline
- If you are looking to build your brand visibility 
- If you have greatness in you and want to push your limits

Hurry Now and Apply. You are JUST who we are in search of

This Program is NOT for You

- If you procrastinate ALOT and may not be willing to put in the work
- If you are too busy and will not be able to attend the classes
- If you expect  organizers to do everything for you
- If you don't plan to actively engage in the group sessions
- If you are still comfortable with where you presently are.

Don't Applyl!


All applicants will be notified of their selection status by November -December 2020

Our Numbers in 2019 


Applications Received








Read what our fellows had to say

''It was thought provoking and eye opening. I was a beginner when I started but now I am well versed. I learned how to put together a winning pitch and  I will advise a new non profit to take part in this program. This will enable them an opportunity to learn from top notch thought leaders . It was an extraordinary session''

Rolayo Akpuluma 

Founder, Gold Health Initiative

''I was at the point were I needed to upscale the activities of the organization. Through the SIBC,  I gained a deeper understanding of how to run an effective non-profit organization. This program will build up your knowledge base and expand your mind. It will help you structure your organization and align your organization with current best practices.

Adesina Matti

Empowerment for the Less Privileged (ELP) Foundation